(Sept 3 2018) RCMR Discovers HEADSPACE courtesy of local Site Manager Cate Newcomen
Rotarian Sally thanked Cate Newcomen for her most interesting talk on the work of Headspace in Bairnsdale
Our guest speaker this week  was Cate Newcomen from Headspace. Cate is a local girl who attended Nagle and years ago went to a Rotary Leadership Week in Canberra and reported back on. She has worked in the Social Work field for many years with the last 5-6 in management. Bairnsdale Headspace, which Cate manages is the “One Stop Shop", the hub of services for young people. Open for 18 months, Headspace is where all the services come together including GP's, MH, Drug and Alcohol, Family Counsellors, Centrelink, Vocational workers and many more. Surprisingly the stigma which was thought would surround Headspace isn't there. The majority of clients are aged 14-17, with 60% reporting they don't feel ok. They are experiencing extended periods of depression, anxiety, traumatized and feeling unsafe. 18-25 year olds have the least prevalent attendance, although there are many this age that need help. Cate is very big on looking after the welfare of her staff. She provides Clinical Supervision and regular one on one debriefing. Strict levels of clients that each worker can work with is maintained and everyone goes home on time.  Cate also realises the importance of the young clients understanding the Confidentiality documents and in hope of making it easier for the young clients, is endeavouring to make a video about consent and confidentiality. Headspace funding comes from the Federal Government and they are currently commissioned by Gippsland Primary Health Care.
Cate catches up with past colleague Rotarian Jane and with Mr. Nelson from her Nagle College student days