Rotary Junior Community Award Updates
1. The RJCA page in the menu has been updated to include a Youtube video featuring Erika Lind speaking of her involvement in the Award as a youngster.
This is a message from a former Rotary Junior Community Award participant. It has been abbreviated from a longer address given by Erika Lind on the occasion of the Junior Community Award's 20th celebration. Erika went on through Rotary to selection to attend the National Youth Forum in Canberra and a Group Study Exchange to Turkey through her work in Fire Management.
This is a five minute presentation suitable to show Rotary Clubs, parents , school staff and prospective participants in the Junior Community Award.
This power point presentation (in 5 parts A-E) has been updated from one presented as a ‘breakaway’ presentation at the International Convention 2014 in Sydney.
It is suitable for Rotary Clubs, school staff or school councils interested in adopting the program and enriching the life and community engagement of their students. Due to the size of the file (photographs) the presentation is in FOUR parts – A, B, C, D & E.